How Are Product Designers Organized at SendGrid?

Cross-functional relationships are the foundation that makes product designers want to bring their best each day to SendGrid and our customers.

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How to Use and Customize the Terminal, for Designers

Anything related to the terminal is likely to induce anxiety for designers who are unfamiliar with it.

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Crafting a Unique Identity for the SendGrid Design Team

In creating our identity, we wanted to pay homage to our core brand while also pushing the boundaries with something unique.

5 Most Successful Tools for UX Research Recruiting

We boiled it down to the top five most beneficial and successful tools we use during the research and recruiting process.

The Do's and Don'ts of Customer Research Interviews

Your goal should be to make your interviewee feel as comfortable as possible to get great feedback.

Dear Future SendGrid UI/UX Team Member

What kinds of questions should you be asking in your search to find the right job fit? Let Katrina Lindholm, the head of UI/UX at SendGrid, explain the value in knowing what you're looking for.

SendGrid's Style Guide and How to Build Your Own

You do your best to follow patterns set out by previous designers, but it’s difficult to remain consistent without guidelines.

Agile Sprint Planning for Designers - Basic Concepts, Jargon, and How to Start

With Agile, you'll be free of some of the planning chaos and your design process will be even more effective.

Why Designers Should Use Agile Sprint Planning

Planning for design work has always been challenging, but it's time we came up with something better.

Whitespace and Harmonious Rhythm in Design

Creating a scale of harmonious numbers is something that’s existed in the typography world for hundreds of years.

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